12 December 2007

Honesty is Totem's Policy

Just before Thanksgiving '07, I was at the grocery store. While checking out my groceries, I wasn't sure if the clerk had rang up the turkey in my cart. She gave me the total, and then I asked her if she had included the turkey. She hadn't - it was an accidental oversight.

She rang up the $8.00 turkey and I paid my bill in full.

She said, "You could've gotten a free turkey."

I replied with a smile, "I couldn't have eaten it."

I simply could not intentionally take a turkey I hadn't paid for. Then she said, "Well, accidents happen."

That is true. If I had never noticed I hadn't paid for the turkey, I certainly would have eaten and enjoyed it, but the fact was I did notice, so I could never convince myself it was an "accident."

If you value honesty in your vendors, consider Totem Media, L.C..