03 June 2008

Consumer Mag is Shot and Framed! You Can Be Too!

In the July 2008 issue of Consumer Reports, they review digital picture frames and digital cameras. You can see a free digital camera buying guide video here on their site.

You can read an overview digital photo frames for free, and if you're a Consumer Reports online subscriber, you can see their ratings.

Digital photo frames can be used in a business setting. If you're clients come to your office or retail location, a digital frame on the front desk or checkout counter can be used to boost sales and your business' reputation.

You can display the Employee of the Month, your "office family," cute pet and kid pictures (encourages the "warm fuzzies" for your business), drawings of your new location, latest sales items, hours of operation, ongoing specials, coupons from your latest flyer, contact information, or latest awards.

The idea is to be subtle and use a soft sell approach. Screaming red text saying "We're the Best!" or several photos of yourself will come across as egotistical, rather than interesting.

Industry-specific ideas include:

1. Destination photos for travel agencies
2. Houses on the market for realtors
3. Babies for OB-GYNs
4. Photos for photographers
5. "Big check" photos for fundraisers

The idea is to subtly sell your business in an interesting way. Mix things up a bit and think about what would keep you looking at the digital photo frame.