09 June 2008

"Maxwell Smart" Spotted at RUSH Concert

My husband, growing up with the name "Maxwell," was subject to the usual teasing kids give each other. The most often plays on his name were the two easiest, "Maxwell House" (a coffee brand) and "Maxwell Smart" (the lead character from the 1960's series Get Smart).

In my own inimitable way, I turn this former negative into a positive. :)

Looking through the Tour Photo Gallery at RUSH.com, I saw my husband and me in two of the photos. Cropped and marked versions are below. The band has been adding photos to the Gallery from every tour stop, as well as occasional backstage video clips.

I am wearing a RushCon 8 Pre-Con T-shirt with the saying, "Lerxst is king."*

My husband is wearing a shirt from the Austin, Texas band, The Sword.

Max & eddy at RUSH concert - Snakes & Arrows Tour 2008

Max & eddy at RUSH concert - Snakes & Arrows Tour 2008

*Lerxst is a nickname bestowed upon Alex Lifeson, RUSH's brilliant guitarist.