11 August 2008

Texas Heat Causes a Potpourri of Sizzling Updates

It's hot outside! Highs in the mid 90s, with heat indices over 100! So I'm staying inside and updating you on the latest exciting news!

We got our final totals from the RushCon 8 Charity Auction, held July 9, 2008. We raised $3000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank of Toronto! :) This makes our eight-year total $48,750, all donated to charity!!

We are celebrating our fifth anniversary at Totem Media, L.C.! We've had a lot of fun producing videos, websites, promotional materials, conference booths, logos, digital presentations, and other multimedia marketing for our clients! If you haven't checked out our groovy anniversary video, take a minute (literally!) and visit our website home page, www.totem-media.com.

On the personal front, we continue to make our home a showcase of love and Texan practicality. The latest project is converting our old pantry to an elegant storage place for our pint glass collection. This 7'H x 2'W x 1'D built-in is too small for an effective pantry, but is perfect to display decorative glassware. Having just replaced our garage door, it's now time to repaint the outdoor trim and get the exterior ready for updated landscaping, coming this fall!

Take another few seconds and visit demonicottertoe.com. Decide if you are worthy (I hope you are!) and sign up for the D-O-T's newsletter. Demonic Otter Toe is our animation production company, so we're having a bit of fun. (Heck, how scary can a toe be? Especially an otter toe?!) D-O-T is a 'spam-free digit,' so we won't spam you, nor will we sell or give your info to a third-party.

We'll be posting introductory material for Demonic Otter Toe's first animation production as they are completed. It's animation combining several media styles - true multimedia! - which makes it unique. We'd appreciate your feedback!