21 October 2008

Democracy Succeeds When You Vote!

Democracy Succeeds When You Vote! - Copyright 2008 Totem Media, L.C. - formerly Totem Promotions, L.C.One of the most exciting things about the 2008 national elections is that whichever of the two major party candidate teams wins, either a woman or an African American will be Vice-President or President!

Once we get into the specifics of politics and policies, then gender and race disappear and I choose the team that best represents my interests and what I think is best for the country.

Election Day is November 4. If you haven't voted early, you may still have the option of avoiding lines on Election Day. Check with your city or county election board to find out when and where early voting is available.

In the Houston area, the League of Women Voters has two non-partisan election guides to help residents of Harris and Fort Bend counties know who and what is on the ballot. Unlike many partisan or issue-driven propaganda materials that call themselves "voting guides," the LWV election guides encourages everyone to "Vote Your Choice!"

If you need non-partisan information and some actual facts in lieu of the nasty partisan spin, half-truths, and lies, go to FactCheck.org. From their website,
"The Annenberg Political Fact Check is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. The APPC was established by publisher and philanthropist Walter Annenberg in 1994 to create a community of scholars within the University of Pennsylvania that would address public policy issues at the local, state and federal levels.

The APPC accepts NO funding from business corporations, labor unions, political parties, lobbying organizations or individuals. It is funded primarily by the Annenberg Foundation."

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