28 December 2008

Happy New Year from Totem Media!

Syrinx - December 2008 - Copyright 2008 Totem Media, L.C. - formerly Totem Promotions, L.C.
Totem Media, L.C. wishes you and your loved ones a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!

Here are a few quick tips to make 2009 a good one for your multimedia!

1. Dust your electronics - check the user manual for proper method and chemicals

2. Backup valuable computer files (photos, documents, databases)

3. Check power and audio-visual cables for wear, cuts, and loose wires

4. Review your website for necessary updates (calendars, events schedules, new personnel, upcoming sales, new products or services)

5. Label your discs, tapes, and photos

6. Plan to unplug all electronics while on vacation. You'll save money on your energy bill and save your electronics from potential power surges.

If you have any questions about proper care of multimedia electronics and media, contact Totem Media, L.C.. We'll be glad to help!