18 February 2009

Exciting Business Opportunity!

Opportunity - (c) 2009 Totem Media, L.C. - formerly Totem Promotions, L.C.

I created the above poster from this iStockphoto.com photo. I own this image, so I am allowed to use and manipulate it for promotional purposes.

I developed the image in a 50's/60's style, but kept the computer for a bit of fun anachronism. Since I am not printing this poster, I used Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Every business is concerned about the economy and keeping the company going through this difficult time. This is not the time to "hunker down" and hope for the best. Don't hide from your customers. Let them know you are here today and will be here tomorrow! Maintaining a successful image gives your customers confidence in you and your products.

Contact Totem Media, L.C. and talk with our multimedia consultant. We can review your current marketing strategies and work with you to develop new ways of connecting with your customers and keeping your business in their minds.

You deserve to be seen and heard!