21 May 2011

Art Was Framed! Part 1

What could I do with faded and worn artwork and a slightly scuffed frame? Make new fresh and fun art!

I had a 20-yr-old 18" x 24" black and white pointillism piece of three azaleas and leaves that suffered from fading ink, yellowing paper, and staining. I didn't want something so damaged on my walls, but I did like the subject matter. So, I cut out the best-preserved portion of the image to fit a frame I recently purchased. (I reused the original frame for better artwork - a Hugh Syme lithograph.)

The new frame had some scuffs, so I bought some acrylic paint in a nice bright green (Folk Art #503 Yellow Citron), slightly lighter than the frame's original color. If I wanted a smooth surface, I would have used spray paint, but I wanted a little bit of brush stroke texture to the frame, so I used a 1/2" art brush. (I decided not to use the matting.)

I painted the entire frame, with long strokes running the entire length of the side I was painting. I let the green paint dry thoroughly, then let my creative side take the frame design to another level.

Using a cream-colored paint (Anita's #11323 Cream) and a very small-gauge brush, I continued the artwork onto the frame with small dots, imitating the pointillism style of the art. Alternatively, I could have used black paint or black art markers.

For just a few dollars for the discounted frame and two bottles of paint, I will be able to enjoy this pretty azalea for many years to come.