17 January 2008

Farmer's Market Produce

I went to a local farmer's market and bought these vegetable.

I think they look great, they tasted very good, and were actually cheaper than my local grocery store. I paid $6.79 for everything here. I checked the prices at the store, and would have paid at least $5 more.

Although for some food I might end up paying more at a farmer's market, the extra cost should be worth it because of the better quality, freshness (which means higher nutrition), and taste.

I used these vegetables to make a yummy steak salad. Based upon a dish at The Elephant and Castle chain of pubs, I cooked some steak tips, onions, and peppers. I put this delicious mixture on top of romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, chopped mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, and bleu cheese. The dressing was a homemade balsamic vinaigrette, using Penzey's Italian Dressing base.