01 February 2008

Repair Your Ipod

Did you know you can repair a damaged iPod? Parts including the headphone jack, screen, and even the hard drive can be replaced - saving you money compared to buying an entirely new iPod.

NOTE: If your iPod is still under warranty, do not attempt to open or repair the unit! You will invalidate the warranty and will be responsible for any repair or replacement costs. Contact the appropriate Apple Support team and follow their directions for warranty repairs or replacements. Not sure if your iPod is under warranty or have other questions? Visit Apple iPod Service FAQ.

If your damaged iPod is no longer under warranty, decide whether you want and are able to make the repair yourself. Have you worked on computer components before? Do you understand how computers and consumer electronics work? Do you have the right tools and physical abilities to make delicate, fine repairs? If these repairs do not work, can you afford to replace your iPod entirely?

Apple will replace your broken iPod for a fee (see replacement cost table in the Apple iPod Service FAQ). Should you not want or are unable to use Apple to repair/replace your damaged iPod, there are third-party iPod repair companies available online. I haven't used any of these services, so check around and speak to other iPod users before choosing a repair company.

Since you are still reading this, I assume you want some self-repair information. A good website/store for step-by-step repair information is ifixit.com. I used their Fixit Guide to replace the hard drive in my 5th generation (30GB video) iPod. I will be replacing the screen this weekend. Another place to buy iPod parts is welovemacs.com. I bought my iPod parts there and received fast service and reasonable prices.

Back up your iPod!

Expect you will lose everything stored on your iPod when making repairs, especially if you are replacing the battery or hard drive.

Be very careful when opening your iPod!

The reason I had to replace my screen is that I scratched the screen while opening the unit. Always start from the side or bottom.

Use the right tools.

Have a static-free mat to work on. Follow all directions to eliminate static electricity while making repairs on your iPod.

Buy a spudger or other appropriate non-metal computer repair tool.

Follow directions and take your time.

If you hurry the repairs or do not follow directions exactly, you could damage the delicate wires or parts of your iPod.

Note: Totem Media, its staff, and aveddy.com do not endorse or guarantee any repairs you do or have done on any of your personal computers or electronic equipment will work. We do not endorse or guarantee any repair or parts companies. Everything you do is at your own risk and we are not liable for any damages you may incur.