19 November 2008

Missing Consultant Found Under Pile of Work

A Brand New Day - © 2008 Totem Media, L.C. - formerly Totem Promotions, L.C. This is me. Or rather, this is what I'm doing - working night and day on client projects. I'm having a lot of fun, and spending a lot of time, on my clients' websites, Flash videos, and DVDs.

The background of this photo composite was actually taken on a sunny day, but I manipulated this country scene* into a night view with a fantasy moon. You can see the actual time of day and lighting in the "window."

The composite is entitled, A Brand New Day, inspired by the song title from Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog.

There are times when we work so much we "don't know if it's day or night." We are so focused on our tasks, we don't take time to look outside and see the beautiful world around us. Not many of us have a pine-laden view outside our office windows, but stepping away from our work for a moment, taking a minute to feel the sun on our faces, breathe, and relax can help bring our tasks into a more realistic perspective. It also may help us break through some mental blocks to better complete our work.

So, don't spend all your time in the fluorescent lights, head down, hunched over a computer screen or printout. Step into the sun, stretch, take a couple of deep breaths, and smile. You will go back to work refreshed and your mind will be clearer.

*Trees photo taken by me in 2007, Black Hills, South Dakota