04 November 2008

Time for a Beer! I Voted!

Enjoy a pint.  You've earned it.  You voted! -- Copyright 2008 Totem Media, L.C., formerly Totem Promotions, L.C.I had a very easy time voting today. I printed out a copy of the League of Women Voters' Voting Guide with my choices pre-selected before I went to the polls. I made my selections in the federal, state, and local races, including many judges.

My voting philosophy is simple.

1. I vote for a person, not a party.

2. I vote for a person or issue, not against.

3. I only vote if I know something about the candidate.

This led to my decision to not vote for either candidate for State Board of Education. Neither of them were worth my vote.

My studio is a few blocks from my polling place, so I walked there at 11:15 am. I arrived at 11:30 am. There was no line. I was prepared to wait because I brought water, some candy, and a book. Since I had preselected all of my votes, I made almost fifty selections in less than ten minutes, using the electronic voting machines.

Quick. Easy. Patriotic. I voted.

How about you?