08 August 2009

Great Website Design Article

This is a great article which describes and explains what is needed for current, professional websites.

15 Key Elements All Top Web Sites Should Have

Totem Media, L.C. will help your company start a creative evolution with an interesting, well-designed website!

We have designed, maintained, and updated the following company websites, meeting our clients' needs and budgets:

(Online Gallery)

www.rushcon.org (CMS customization, Content Maintenance)

www.johnclassenphotography.com (Online Gallery customization)

www.bikehouston.org (Content Maintenance)

www.blacktiecompany.com (Website Design & Maintenance)

(Website Design & Maintenance)

As you can see from our current work, we can work with a variety of companies, styles, and budgets. Our work meets or exceeds industry ethical standards.

We can develop and implement any or all of these elements for your company's website. E-mail Totem Media, L.C. today!