12 March 2010

Spring Safety Poster: Flying Objects Are Closer Than They Appear!

I created this poster for the City of Houston Public Works & Engineering Department. It is publicly displayed in the Bob Lanier Public Works building.

My mission was to create a safety poster covering four issues which are being discussed with PWE employees in their safety training. I looked at many different types of art design and decided to base this poster on World War II propaganda posters. I enjoy that style and felt it would make a strong impact. After looking at all of the messages I needed to include, I decided the visual theme would be "flying objects."

The poster was created in Adobe Illustrator CS4. I hand drew the backgrounds and used brushes, symbols, and customized clip art for other elements.

Since this poster was time-specific regarding the upcoming time change, I wasn't able to implement my 3D concept. I considered adding actual depth by cutting out the pop-out objects and putting some cardboard behind them.

This poster is property of the City of Houston.

Created for City of Houston Public Works & Engineering Department by EDA Maxwell