10 January 2013

How Public-Facing Digital Signage Can Benefit Your Business

Whether you call it digital/dynamic signage, digital media communications, or high-tech marketing, using modern technology to communicate with your clients and customers can save you time and money.

1. Quick to Update Frequently Changed Information - Instead of printing new in-store brochures for oft-changing specials, new menu items, price reductions, and other product updates, use digital signage to save printing time and costs.

2. Fix Errors and Misspellings Immediately - Ever see a misspelled label or sign? Check out these from ABCNews. Embarrassing can turn into a sales disaster if an erroneous price is printed on a thousand flyers.  Even with a "We don't honor pricing errors" clause, the negative reputation you build with your customers could affect sales.  Digital signage makes it easy to fix problems on the fly!

3. Set Up a Display Schedule - You can schedule digital signage to display information by time of the day, day of the week, and by date.  Your staff can create and save content during slow times and schedule it to display automatically or manually days or weeks later, based upon your company's needs.

4. Green Technology - Display screens, monitors, players, computers, and other digital signage hardware can be scheduled to power down during off-hours, either automatically or manually.  Most new flat-screen monitors are very power-efficient.  Additionally, you won't have to recycle hundreds or thousands of out-of-date printed sales sheets.

5. BONUS! Look Sleek and Modern - Even the most conservative and staid industries can benefit from digital signage. The display design can give a fresh update to your classic branding and style.

There are several levels of technology and cost for what the industry calls "digital-out-of-home" or DOOH, depending upon your business field, office/store layout, and customer base.  A digital signage professional can help you select the correct hardware, software, and display design for your needs.
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