29 September 2007

Beer, Wine, and Justice

Dispensed justice yesterday by sitting on a 6-person jury and deciding a right-turn on red w/o stopping case. Found the defendant guilty, but issued a low fine. Seemed right for the situation.

Going to the Sagemont Brewfest today. Taking three wines for everyone to sample:

L•V•P (Spiced Pumpkin Wine) "The most sincere wine of the season"
The rich, amber tones of the ignoble autumn fruit are suffused with spices of the Far East. Complex layers of flavor are exposed as this libation flows over your tongue. The most sincere wine of the season.

Persephone’s Passion (Pomegranate/White Grape) "Wine so good, you'll feel like a Greek goddess!"
Enjoy the exotic Middle Eastern flavor of pomegranate as it commingles with American grape. Feel the passion with this light, luscious white wine, whose tart opening beguiles before revealing a surprisingly dry finish.

St. Raphael’s Elixir (Cranberry) "It's good for you! Honest!"

Drink to your health with wine created from one of nature’s most healthy fruits. Join in the celebration of St. Raphael, the patron saint of happy meetings, nurses, physicians, and travelers, on his Feast Day (Sept. 29) with a full-flavored red wine, exploding with berry tones and a lovely acidic bite.