05 September 2007

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa of Calcutta) died ten years ago today in Calcutta, India. Her life and work has always interested and inspired me. She became a nun in the 1920's and was sent by her order to India. Due to a "call within a call," she founded the Missionaries of Charity Order. This institute helps the poor throughout the world.

From CatholicOnline.org,
Among the 124 Awards Received:
Padmashree Award (from the President of India) August 1962
Pope John XXIII Peace Prize January 1971
John F. Kennedy International Award September 1971
Jawahalal Nehru Award for International Understanding November 1972
Templeton Prize for "Progress in Religion" April 1973
Nobel Peace Prize December 1979
Bharat Ratna (Jewel of India) March 1980
Order of Merit (from Queen Elizabeth) November 1983
Gold Medal of the Soviet Peace Committee August 1987
United States Congressional Gold Medal June 1997

For more information, visit Saint Teresa of Calcutta's section of CatholicOnline.org.