10 September 2007

Working Towards RushCon

Finishing up one Flash executable file for RushCon's Snakes & Arrows: The Game, a trivia/guessing game similar to Concentration.

When I'm done with Snakes & Arrows, I'm starting on a Flash file for Wheel of Tidal Fortune, our version of the popular television game.

Both games will be played at RushCon 7: Feel the Current Flowing. RushCon is North America's international RUSH fan convention, celebrating the words and work of the Canadian band RUSH. I've worked on RushCon since its inception, and it has provided me many opportunities to develop my web design, graphic design, and video production skills.

The convention's volunteer organizers do the full-time job of preparing a 2.5 day convention, as full-time jobs and families allow. I have the daunting, yet fun task of developing and maintaining all of RushCon's web assets (website, online store, newsletter, photo gallery, message board, YouTube video page), except the MySpace page, which is run by the Convention Manager. Our Graphics Coordinator designs and creates the Flash banners, convention program, and merchandise.

Additionally, I prepare all of the videos and presentations for the convention. I've prepared several PowerPoint and Flash presentations, as well as created videos (recording, editing, special effects) that were shown at the convention.

It's wonderful to have the opportunity to be creative, but it's even more special because I love the subject matter! I've been a RUSH fan for over 17 years, and enjoy meeting other fans at RushCon, local gatherings, and at the band's concerts.