22 October 2007

What is Multimedia? Part 2

2. Multimedia is a means of distributing information through a variety of formats, usually digital, between two or more people, through text, graphics, sound, images, animation, and video.

This is the distribution definition of multimedia. It is not the content (the message), but how that message is conveyed. The most common form of communication, besides speech, is the written word. Altering fonts, colors, sizes, margins, orientation (vertical or horizontal), etc. can clarify and enhance your message. If "a picture is worth a thousand words," then video is worth thirty thousand words! One reason is there are thirty frames (images) per second of video. The second reason is people love to watch moving pictures, whether they are on a television, movie screen, or Jumbotron at your local sporting arena. Concepts and impossible-to-shoot scenes (space, deep ocean, historical events, futuristic ideas) can literally be brought to life with animation. Every medium has its own advantages and disadvantages. Speak with a multimedia consultant to find the options best for you, your message, and your customers!