06 November 2007

Adaptation: Survival in the Business World

An employee must adapt to new people and rules to keep his job. Industry must adapt to new technologies and markets to stay viable. Businesses must adapt their communication strategies to take advantage of new tools and marketing trends.

How does one know if he has stayed at a job too long? When he is no longer willing or able to accept change in the workplace. If you find yourself saying, "I'm not going to change how I do Task X! This is how I've always done it," or "My old boss always let me ignore Rule Y. I don't need to listen to my new boss," it is probably time to look for a new position or employer.
"No changes are permanent, but change is."
--RUSH, Tom Sawyer

Being alive means seeing things change. It isn't always easy or fun, but to be successful, we need to learn from the new and apply it to the old. Another way to say it is to keep one foot in the past, one foot in the present, and our eyes on the future! We may occasionally stumble, it is the best way to keep our businesses growing.

I was looking at my clothes the other day and noticed on my jeans' button "Lee 1889." I don't know if Totem Media will be around in 117 years, but there are lessons to be learned from long-lived local and national brands. Many factors help or hinder companies as they move through the years, but adaptation has to play a role in their survival.

When updating communication and marketing strategies, business owners and marketing directors need to adapt their message for today's business environment. They must provide a consistent message from A (business cards) to Z (digital presentations). A professional, easily navigable website is necessary for every business--whether or not products are sold online. Catalogs, sales presentations, informational videos, etc--anything marketed via a CD-ROM or DVD--should have the same style and look as printed and web materials.

In addition to providing a consistent look across the communication spectrum, take advantage of the enormous amount of information that can be put on a website or in a digital presentation. Ideas include developing client-specific materials, utilizing integrated databases, and including more drawings, specifications, and details previously unaffordable in print media.

Multimedia communication materials are more affordable than ever. Explore the universe of ideas and options with a multimedia professional. She can navigate you through oceans of information to the right plan and equipment for you!