15 February 2008

The Self-Taught Takes a Class

In addition to reading industry publications and websites, I occasionally "attend" a webinar or take a class related to multimedia. I believe we can always be learning, if we choose to do so. If we aren't learning, then we cannot grow personally or professionally.

Technology stops for no one, and though I don't want or need to be on the bleeding/leading edge of every technological advance, keeping up-to-date is a professional imperative in the multimedia field. As I have updated my graphics and editing programs to the latest version from Adobe, I am taking a class on the photo-editing program, Photoshop. This will help me provide better graphics for my clients and save them money because I will take less time to complete their projects.

Totem Media, L.C. will provide the best work we can, using current technologies and programs, because we believe You Deserve to be Seen and Heard!