05 March 2008

Breaking Through the Tension Line

See the Beauty around you - copyright 2008 Totem Media, L.C. When we have too many "critical" things clogging our schedules and lives, it is easy to get frustrated, tired, and give up. Sometimes taking a break from our busy calendars can help us focus on the people and things that are truly important.

Montego Bay, Jamaica Feb 2008 copyright 2008 EDA MaxwellWe took a trip recently to the Caribbean. It was great to get away from everything and everyone -- No TV, no Internet, no work, no housework. Of course, we were with several friends and enjoyed their company while we floated the azure seas.

Coming back home, finding out the latest terrible worldwide events, catching up with e-mail and "Net Life," and seeing the laundry and dishes juuuuust starting to pile up, can be a bit overwhelming. For a day or so, I was ready to go back on vacation! LOL!Sailing the Caribbean, copyright 2008 EDA Maxwell

But then I decided to create a fun, flowery work image, which inspired the phrase, "See the Beauty around you." It's a beautiful day, sunny and cool. The leaves are starting to grow on my roses and butterfly bush. The neighbors' azaleas are in bloom. I have my health, good friends, wonderful clients, interesting work, and a loving family. That is beautiful.

Photos: Montego Bay, Jamaica, View from our balcony on the Carnival Conquest