30 June 2008

Computer (Geek) is Finally Turned Off, and Glad for It!

When is a good time to disconnect from the Internet and turn off your computer? Every evening.

We hide behind firewalls and virus scanners as we surf the dangerous waves of the Net. Delete those cookies. Clear those caches. Scan...scan...quarantine...scan.

The simplest thing for a person to do to prevent their computer from being hacked, used, molested, and infected while he or she is away is to turn it off. It saves electricity too.

Have you heard it's wrong/bad/destructive to turn off your computer? Then check out the following links and decide if your situation warrants leaving your computer on and connected to the Internet 24/7/365:

How Stuff Works
Windows Vista Help: Turn off a computer

CERT Coordination Center - Home Network Security

Google listed over 540,000 hits when searching for turning off a computer and computer security. Watch those links - make sure they don't go to a hacker's website!

Now, it's time for me to go to bed. I'm going to virus scan and then turn off my computer.