22 May 2012

The Android Apps I Use Most

The following are the Droid X apps I use every day or several times per week. Some are included with the phone and some I downloaded from the Play Store.

1. Twitter - Yup, I'm Twitterific and enjoy posting my thoughts on multimedia, TV shows, entertainers, politics, and current events as the mood strikes, all in 140 characters or less.  Check me out at @TotemMedia.  

2. Maps - This is the Google Maps app included with the phone.  One of the best features is finding bus schedules for specific bus stops on-the-fly.

3. My Net Diary - A year-and-a-half ago I resolved to lose some weight through portion control and food awareness.  My Net Diary has helped me lose over fifteen pounds and one pant size.

4. IMDb - The Internet Movie Database app is just what I need when watching a program with that-one-guy-who-was-in-aaaaagh-what-show-was-it?  I first try to remember on my own, but if I can't figure it out or want more info, IMDb is my first stop.

5. TBTL - The "imaginary radio" show that is probably Too Beautiful to Live has been my constant companion for a couple of years so far.  Hosted by Luke Burbank and recent addition, Producer Andrew Walsh (lovingly referred to as Drew Hampshire), TBTL is the best thing to come out of Seattle since beer.  The podcast, usually airing live at 2pm Pacific on weekdays, takes us through the ups and downs, japes and scrapes of thirty-ish, liberal-ish, rocking-ish life as filtered through Luke's brain.  The app provides links to podcast MP3s, pics, and classic audio drops.  (Rating: PG for some swears.)

6. DroidLight - It's a phone!  It's a flashlight!  It's two! Two! TWO things in one!  Basically, DroidLight turns on the camera flash light.  Handy when approaching your dark entryway because you forgot to leave the porchlight on or when you turn out the light, then realize you have to wend your way through a maze to get out of your bedroom.  (Not that I know this from experience.)

7. Cribbage Pro - I like to play cribbage.  It's fun.  Now I can play cribbage whenever I want.  It's fun.

8. TM World Clock - If you have loved ones in different time zones, it can be difficult to remember how many hours to add or subtract.  This handy app let's you attach a small widget to Droid's home screen, and display the current time for your specific list of cities.  No more, or at least a lot fewer, "Oh, did I wake you? What time is it there?" moments.

9. NPR News - I can check headlines, download playlists for my favorite NPR programs, and follow links to the NPR website through this app.

10. FM Radio - I looooove having an FM radio built into my phone.  This app came with the Droid X. The headphones act as an antenna, but I can set the radio to play through the speaker.  Great for riding the bus or walking the dogs because it picks up actual radio frequencies, not web streams, which can be intermittent when on the road.