19 November 2012

Holiday Eating Tips

The holidays can be a challenge for anyone trying to eat well, lose or maintain her weight.  The friend luncheons, family gatherings, and office parties usually offer a lot of temptation and little heathly or low fat/calorie options.

Here are some tips I will be implementing the next couple of months.  I hope they can help you.
1. Pass on the appetizer and dessert.  Many appetizers and desserts are loaded with fat and calories.  Based upon the portion sizes in most restaurants, a salad, entree, and vegetables are more than filling.

2. Get a to-go box (doggie bag).  Portions can be huge at some restaurants (or homes!).  Plan to eat half or two-thirds of your meal, then take the rest home for a quick lunch or snack the next day.

3. Don't pass on meals.  It is harder to say "No" to holidays sweets when you've skipped the previous meal.  Hunger can also make you eat faster, which can result in eating more than usual.

4. Eat a healthy snack at home before the party.  This is a supplement to the previous tip.  You don't have to eat a huge meal before heading out to food festivities.  Instead, a small protein and vegetable snack will help you say "No" to a second or third helping of your favorite holiday treat.

5. Drink water between glasses of punch or alcohol.  Not only will you save calories by slowing down your high-caloric drink intake, you can stay more sober.  Don't let friends, family, waitstaff, or party hosts push you into drinking more than you feel comfortable.  Remember: No Beer Pressure!

6. Plan your eating schedule for the entire day.  When visiting multiple homes or parties over the holidays, you may overeat at one place, then feel obligated to eat just as much as the next.  Instead, plan and stick to the amount you can eat at one party so you can enjoy something at the next.  Family and friends should respect your choices.

Images from Microsoft Clip Art website