28 November 2008

What You Are Really Saying Is...

It is not just what you say, it is how you say it. Certain expressions that on the outside sound positive really have a negative core. I wonder if people saying the following phrases recognize their true feelings?

If you say...I am so jealous you won $100!
You may really mean...I really am jealous and your good luck hurts me.

If you say...I've been so worried about you, I can't sleep.
You may really mean...You should put my feelings before your own needs.

If you say...You think you have it bad...
You may really mean...I need to be number one in this relationship, even if it's for a negative thing.

If you say...It will be easier for you because...
You may really mean...Don't bother me with your trivial problems.

If you say...You're just a fanboy/fangirl.
You may really mean...You are unable to think rationally, therefore I am right.

If you say...Of course, you like it.
You may really mean...You have poor taste.

If you say...We should do this because I feel guilty!
You may really mean...You are responsible for me and my actions.

If you say...I am just being honest!
You may really mean...I feel justified in being critical. Your feelings are not important.

If you say...Read the fine print.
You may really mean...I am willing to screw you over.

If you say...It is hard to be happy about your bad luck.
You may really mean...I am happy about your bad luck.