13 December 2009

Christmas Trees Redefined

We choose not to have a traditional Christmas tree in our home. A cut tree is kind of depressing, watching it die, and the container for a live tree ends up being a "litter box" for our cats. Also, we don't have to worry about our dogs knocking decorations off of the tree with their tails.

Christmas Buffet 09 - Copyright 2009 Totem Media, L.C.Instead, we go "green" by not having a green tree. We've repurposed two jewelry hangers into adorable and classy "trees," saving both the environment and money!

Christmas Tree 09 A - Copyright 2009 Totem Media, L.C.This jewelry tree, purchased from IKEA holds my long necklaces throughout the year, then with the addition of LED microlights (purchased from Target), some reusable silver starry garland, and our smallest ornaments, we have a wonderful wintry white tree, surrounded by an angel, polar bear, and Christmas dog. Cost: $5 for reusable tree, $6 for one set of LED microlights (needs 4 AA batteries), various for ornaments and garland.

This classy chrome jewelry hanger, purchased from Container Store usually holds a fun collection of bottle openers and key chains. (I'll post a pic after the holidays.) The hanger's sleek design inspired me to buy one set of small tree ball ornaments (from Target) and arrange them on the hanger and fill the bottom with leftovers.

Christmas Tree 09 B1 - Copyright 2009 Totem Media, L.C.I added a "glitter ball" I bought last year for a craft project from Hobby Lobby to the center for extra shine. Cost: $20 for the hanger, $6 for the ornaments, nothing for the glitter ball.

I've seen at stores this year metal tree shapes with hooks for ornaments. They're cute, but I would rather buy something I can use all year round.

Christmas Tree 09 B2 - Copyright 2008 Totem Media, L.C.Maybe you need a larger tree, one to put presents around? Here's a clever use for a found object!

This six-foot chrome clothing rack is usually found in a department store. From January to November, it holds clothes in my closet, but in December it's transformed!

By wrapping white wire lights around it and adding our ornaments and a tree topper, we have a sturdy, dead-needle-free Christmas tree. Our tree skirt fit neatly around it and we have the perfect place for Santa to leave us presents. The ornaments are hung on the small hanger balls evenly-spaced around the rack, er, tree. We can see all of our ornaments from every angle.

Christmas Tree 08 A - Copyright 2008 Totem Media, L.C.Since the "tree" is meant to hold many heavy shirts or trousers, we don't worry about the ornaments' weight. The rack is tall enough to keep doggie tails and reaching cats away from most, if not all, of the ornaments. Cost: $0 - found rack, previously purchased ornaments, light, and tree skirt.

We here at Totem Media, L.C. wish you and yours the brightest, merriest, and safest of holidays!