22 December 2009

Easy Craft Project - Christmas Ornament Shadow Box

Christmas Ornament Shadow Box - (c) 2009 Totem Media, L.C.I liked these shiny boxes that came with Christmas ornaments and did not want to throw them away, so I created a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to reuse them!

Gather the following items:
1. One decorative cardboard box with a lid that has a cellophane window
2. One wire Christmas ornament hanger
3. One Christmas ornament about 2/3rds the size of the box
4. Hot glue gun
5. Matte black craft paint and small paintbrush

Remove the cellophane from the box lid. Set the lid aside.

Paint the interior of the box black. (It took three coats of paint to make the box interior a solid matte black.) Let dry.

Measure how low you want to the ornament to hang. Bend or cut the wire Christmas hanger, allowing one-half inch extra on either end. Paint the wire hanger black. Let dry. (I stuck the hanger end through a styrofoam bowl and painted it.)

Bend one-half inch of the wire hanger 90 degrees and hot glue this end of the hanger to the top center of the box. Once the glue has set, bend the other end of the hanger into a small curve to hold the ornament. If the hanger was glued a little off-center or too long, you can bend or shape it to fit the space.

Hang the ornament, replace the lid, and you're done!

Decoration options:
- Glue black glitter to the interior after the paint dries to add a bit of sparkle.
- Paint the interior and hanger white (add glitter too!) for a winter wonderland lightbox.
- Change out the ornament when you get the whim.